Working together, we can bring back passion to ward 12

Welcome to Ward 12. My name is Teresa Hargreaves and I am born and raised in the City of Calgary and have seen this great city grow and develop. I have lived in Ward 12 for over 21 years and have been part of the many transformations within our landscape of Ward 12. From the extension of Deerfoot Trail, Stoney Trail, new houses popping up everywhere, new and existing neighbours, new businesses and other wonderful changes that have created great memories and many new ones to come. As a business owner myself, with my main role as a liaison/negotiator between various parties including governmental bodies and departments, I feel this experience of over 25 years will be a great benefit for Ward 12 to be heard. My main objective and goal is to listen and act accordingly to what the contingents wish to see. After all, I am working with and for Ward 12.

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City Councillor Objectives

Part of being a city Councillor our main objectives are as follows:

    Determining Goals and Priorities
    Developing and Approving Policies
    Raising and Spending Money
    Planning and Providing Services and Programs
    Hiring the Chief Appointed Official (City Manager)
    Representing the Municipality

The above noted objectives are part of the position requirements in keeping our City abundant with growth, opportunities and business development and I look forward to being part of this great journey.

My main ideas are not to promise people what we all know cannot be met. My main goal is to use this time in office and listen and work with the people to assist in a better quality of life within our great city.
What is the city’s role in economic development and job creation?

The city’s role in economic development was address in the Municipal

Development plan that was built of seven interrelated goals.  

  1. Prosperous economy 


  1. Compact city




  1. Great communities


  1. Good urban design


  1. Connecting the city  



  1. Greening the city 



  1. Managing growth and change



For more details of this plan you can go to the


The city’s role in job creation?

A vibrant city with a solid growth plan should inject job creation.   By posting city jobs on the City Website and utilizing other job websites for advertising careers is essential.   We have lots of skilled resources at our fingertips especially with the recent downturn of the Energy Sector.  A large number of residents lost their jobs in this sector over the past years.    We cannot predict the price of oil and world affairs but we can utilize these skilled resources for other opportunities outside of the Energy Sector. We can retain these resources and utilize these skills in other sectors.   We can work within our communities to engage more job fairs and work to attract more businesses to do business in Calgary.


How will you balance taxes with city services?

As City Councillor, I will assist to balance taxes with city services by being well

informed   on   where   our   tax   dollars   are   being   spent   and   looking   into   what percentages are utilized to benefit city residents, of the taxes levied.    Property tax rates   are   determined   from   polls,  public   engagement,   review   of   economic   and financial   forecasts,   socio-demographic   trends,   population   growth   projections, inflation,   service  plans,   levels   and   costs.      The   Council   approves   a   four-year business plan and budget, taking into consideration all these inputs and more.     This happened last in November of 2013 and had the approval of the Action Plan 2015 – 2018   which   again   can   be   found   on   the   City   of   Calgary   website.       Take   in consideration that my emphasis will be focused on the concerns within my Ward but will not lose site of how it affects the entire City

Where do you stand on the arena debate?

I have several stances on the new arena debate for our City.  Being actively involved   with   minor hockey for many years, I  feel that having a NHL sports  team representing our city has many advantages.  As far as the existing proposal, I am aware of the negotiations that have taken place and am confident that the current council and the City Managers will work towards a viable solution.  If I am elected, I will continue to work with council, utilizing my Negotiations skills for a Win / Win solution.

What is the biggest issue in your Ward, and what can you do as a councillor to help?

One of bigger issues in Ward 12 currently is the Safety and well being of its  residents.   I have been engaging with our residents of Ward 12 directly what they feel are their main concerns.  My platform is based on communication and being  that VOICE representing them. They want information and need to know where  to go to obtain this information.   It is not all about the green line, as the plans and funds are already in place, we now need to start being proactive instead of reactive for other issues.  Issues like not having a police department east of the river. I feel that this is a vital part of our community safety.  Why not use some other city facilities to house and accommodate small police stations or community stations – just like you may see within our shopping centres?   


With the growth and encroachments of our neighbourhoods and our economic  downturn, many wells and sites are now orphaned, as companies no longer operate  them.  These facilities are now being managed by the Orphan Well Association which falls under our provincial government. Keep in mind it will be the City of  Calgary’s first responders that will be our front line.  Are proper emergency response mechanisms in place to address major issues like the Fort McMurray fire. I would say not.  If evacuation is not an option, how are we all going to manage to stay safe?  Let’s keep our community’s safe and manage through awareness and come up with better communication and action plans, which I manage for rural Alberta projects with my career.