Platform Action Items

I created my platform based on three items, they are as follows:

  1. Communication

    As I was meeting residents during my nomination process, I was advised of inefficient communications that our residents are dealing with. They feel that relevant information between City Hall should be facilitated down to the residents by their Councillor.   A role that my company manages is handling all communications due to provincial requirements to our clients and landowners.  It is critical that we close the loop (communication loop) or we cannot move further with our projects. Therefore, I would like to initiate a caller log, in order to track questions or concerns and work towards closing the loop within our ward.We will respond and acknowledge your inquiry via email or telephone, within 48 hours.  From there, we will work to obtain an answer for you. We will work on your question and advise you within 5 business days.  If we cannot provide you an answer, we will continue to give you updates every 5 days, until we can close our communication loop.

  2. Policing

    This was brought to my attention by a young man who is 18 years old.  He was looking to obtain a police clearance for his volunteer work when he learned we do not have a police department, east of the river.  This surprised me and is the reason why I want to address this within my platform.Since nomination day, I have already started dialogues with the Calgary Police Services to work towards solutions for Ward 12.  This dialogue is still open and I have meeting scheduled and have been obtaining new data on a regular basis.  In the meantime, I have provided you with statistics for 2016 – 2017 which shows that crime has increased and other awareness materials.  As our ward grows and expands, we want to work towards being proactive instead of reactive.  Some of the items we are working on are possible solutions for our ward.

  3. Orphan Facilities and Wells

    Working within the oil and gas industry, a challenge we face is tracking ownership of assets.  Various companies have deals with companies that no longer exist (defunct / struck from the Corporate Registry).  The companies may no longer exist but they still had liability with the Facilities and Wells they operated.  Some of these sites still have valuable reserves and they could be managed by another party and if no one operates them, they end up going to the Orphan Well Association.With the growth within Ward 12, we are moving towards these types of facilities.  (Keep in mind, these facilities were in place way before our development).  As two of the sites are up to be decommissioned with the Orphan Well Association, they do not have current plans to work on the affiliate pipelines. Remember these are only two sites out of many.  What I would like to work on is to identify sites that can cause serious problems, see if we can get a temporary or a new operator to maintain these sites, to ensure safety, and then work towards abandonment and reclamation with the provincial bodies.  The other safety items we need to work on is “Shelter in Place” as evacuation may not be an option.  Our first responders have training with respect to these wells, and I want to ensure that they are trained and kept up to date regarding this information, just as any oilfield worker may have.