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Brian Thiessen, Chair, Calgary Police Commission provided me with the following information and I would like to share this with the residents of Ward 12.

“The Calgary Police Service is accountable to the Commission. The Commission is the civilian oversight body, appointed by city council, to oversee the Calgary Police Service, to appoint and evaluate the Chief of police, to allocate funds provided by city council, to establish policies for effective policing, and to ensure CPS has sufficient employees to carry out the functions of the service.

As part of our role, the Commission surveys citizens each year about policing and safety to understand their priorities and concerns. From this research, we know that the majority of citizens are satisfied with the Calgary Police Service, and confident that CPS can keep the community safe.

Break and enters, drugs, and violent/gang crimes are typically the top safety issues facing our city. Citizens highly value CPS prevention programs, community outreach, and a visible police presence and believe these are critical elements for policing Calgary as it continues to grow.

Preliminary results of citizen consultations conducted this year tell us that citizens are uncertain that CPS has the resources it needs to continue to keep Calgary safe. Those we consulted shared concerns about the need for more officers to meet the demands of a growing, world-class city.

As a candidate for City Council, my focus is on prudent financial management and a strong local economy. The Calgary Police Service has worked diligently throughout the 2015-2018 budget term to identify all existing cost-efficiencies and to reinvest those efficiencies by:
· Deploying its workforce to create the most efficiency from its membership,
· Managing resources to allow for the hiring of 50 new positions in 2017,
· Contributing $10.3 million back to the city’s savings account and other corporate initiatives to allow the city to address other community pressures.

My choice to run for public office gives me a special opportunity to connect with the community in the coming weeks. ”

The attached one-page document, was prepared jointly by the Calgary Police Commission and the Calgary Police Service, provides key facts that may be a helpful resource to the residents of Ward 12.

Calgary Police Service Business Plan from 2015 – 2018


Calgary Police Commission Releases 2017 Citizen Consultation Results

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