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January 18, 2018

Calgary city council asked to consider term limits…

A plan to limit city councillors to no more than three terms is being proposed for debate later this month. The plan is being spearheaded by Ward 2 Councillor Joe Magliocca.

During the 2017 civic election, there was no discussion or commitment to term limits except by the eight people who signed the pledge. Moreover, we are committed to two-term limits, not three. While not elected this round, we seem to be able to influence the conversation.

At the end of an interview on CBC radio, Councillor Sean Chu (who is advocating term limits along with Councillor Joe Magliocca) was asked if he would pledge himself to the three-term limit as proposed. He declined to commit himself-so much for leadership by example.

This recent development opens the door for us to start formulating our position on this issue.

Also, Chris has a proposal on “secondary suite process reform”, which could provide advancement for the group. We will need to have a discussion on his proposal.


E. Gabriel


The pledge

A New Force for Positive Change

1.       I will be the wards’ representative in the new council who will stop the practice of conducting behind closed door meetings unless it is deemed necessary and justifiable.

2.       I will strive to inform, educate, and enlighten my communities on issues of importance to them including alternative options to deal more economically, effectively and comprehensively with flood mitigation and water conservation.

3.       I will exercise genuine public engagement and consultation, providing sufficient town hall meetings and utilizing every available modern tool to inform and educate my communities

4.       I am committed to honesty and transparency while performing my public duties.

5.       I am committed to two term limits maximum with an option to run for a third term based on obtaining a solid percentage of the vote. This option will be determined after exercising our commitment to public engagement in a democratic process to seek the majority opinion on this option.

6.       I am committed, after being settled in office, to present and approve a motion to start the process towards instituting term limits.

7.       I am committed to make all required and needed boards independent and impartial.

Names of candidates who signed the pledge:

Cam Khan (Ward 1), Coral Bliss Taylor (Ward 1), Christopher Maitland (Ward 2), Connie Hamilton (Ward 3), Grace Nelson (Ward 6), Cesar Saavedra (Ward 9), Cheryl Link (Ward 9), Faith Greaves (Ward 10) and Dr. Emile Gabriel.