Why vote for me?


“Why vote for me?”


  • I have already addressed and managed various emails, meetings and telephone conversations to better understand our issues and work towards a viable solution, with various City personnel.
  • Had meetings with various residents and community associations
    • Meetings with CPS (Calgary Police Services)
    • Met Mayor Nenshi, at the Cranston Fall Festival
    • Telephone meeting with Andre Chabot
    • Meeting with MLA Rick McGiver
    • Telephone meeting with current public-school board trustee
  • Preparing task list of problems and concerns
  • Participated in community functions
  • Implementation of community surveys on Website
  • Addressing resident concerns and communications
  • Community involvement
  • Been in weekly communication since week one of my campaign trail with our Calgary Police Services addressing safety issues
  • Researching
  • Forums and media
  • Being Proactive and not Reactive


  • Need to find out exactly what concerns / issues each community has as they may be different
  • Continue to meet various residents by attending community association meetings and functions.
  • Represent Ward 12 residents and Business owners by being their “VOICE” in City Council
  • Work towards an action plan that is suitable for each community within Ward 12
  • Utilize my personal business skills as a Professional Landman
    • communication and liaison between landowners, Oil and Gas Companies, Utility Companies and Governmental Bodies
    • facilitation, mediation and public consultation
    • negations and formalizing legal agreements to govern operations
    • representation of landowners
    • development and implementation of business requirements and processes to streamline work flows
    • capitalize off my strong budgeting and finances skills
    • keep informed on new government regulations and communicate impact to residents
    • continue to fulfill contractual obligations
    • have a very strong drive and ambition to meet the needs of Ward 12
  • As a small business owner myself, we need to ensure the business owners within Ward 12 remain profitable and stay in our Ward to service our residents
  • Continue to use social media and websites as communication tools to provide information to residents and answer questions
  • Develop plans of action
  • Identify safety procedures and continue to work with Calgary Police Services
  • Provide strong ethics in representing residents. I have been in weekly communication since week one of my campaign, with our Calgary Police Services.
  • Work with the Orphan Well Association, regarding the operation, abandonment of facilities and wells near Ward 12. Ensure there is an Emergency Response Plan in place and “Shelter in Place”, if evacuation in not an option
  • As priorities can change on the fly, I am the type of person that can change when needed.
  • I have no problem working on other items that may arise over the term and continue to work on what I have already started.
  • Ensure communication is passed down from City Council to residents and that residents concerns and issues are tabled at City Council Meetings
  • Maintain a positive attitude when representing Ward 12 and will be assertive when required

For our platform action items, please click here.

Thank you for your time and consideration and if you have any further questions, thoughts, ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email at:  teresaforward12@gmail.com